Mango semifreddo

Mango semifreddo


300 ml fatty cream (33%)
250-300 ml puree Alphonso mango
3 eggs
3 tbsp. grinded raspberries
4 tbsp. caster sugar
50 g grated chocolate (61%)

In a bowl, whip the cream until it starts producing peaks; gently mix the same with our mango puree.
In another bowl beat egg yolks with half the  amount of sugar. Mix this egg mixture with the mango-cream prepared earlier and stir.
Beat egg whites with a pinch of salt until soft peaks start forming, then add sugar and continue beating until peaking is prominent.
Mix egg whites with the main mixture of beaten egg yolks and mango-cream.
The last thing to add are chocolate chips (add carefully).

Lay saran wrap or foil over your plate, put a third of  the prepared mango mixture and spread 1 tbsp. of ground raspberries on top. Repeat this procedure with the remaining portion (ie 2 more times). Tighten this semifreddo with saran wrap and reserve in the freezer for 6-8 hours (or overnight)

After taking it out of the freezer, cut into serving sized portions and serve after garnishing it creatively!

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